Brazil Cotton Exports Decreased In October, With China Accounting For 70%

In October this year, Brazil exported 228877 tons of cotton, a year-on-year decrease of 13%. It exported 162293 tons to China, accounting for nearly 71%, 16158 tons to Bangladesh, and 14812 tons to Vietnam.

From January to October, Brazil exported cotton to a total of 46 countries and regions, with exports to the top seven markets accounting for over 95%. From August to October 2023, Brazil has exported a total of 523452 tons so far this year, with exports to China accounting for 61.6%, exports to Vietnam accounting for 8%, and exports to Bangladesh accounting for nearly 8%.

The US Department of Agriculture estimates that Brazil’s cotton exports for 2023/24 will be 11.8 million bales. As of now, Brazil’s cotton exports have started well, but to achieve this goal, the pace needs to be accelerated in the coming months.

Post time: Dec-02-2023