The Market Encounters A Cold Winter. Textile Enterprises Have A Holiday In Advance

Recently, a sharp drop in temperature and sudden cold weather in many places in Hebei Province have affected the purchase and sales of cotton and other related products, and made the cotton industry chain that has entered the long winter even worse.

Cotton prices continue to fall, and the downstream purchase and sales are light

As of December 1, only about 50% of Hebei’s cotton purchases had been completed, and half of them remained in cotton farmers’ homes. The price of cotton is low, cotton farmers do not buy it, and the purchase progress is at the lowest level in history. Ginning plants are also difficult, because lint is not only sold, but also the price has dropped again and again. At present, the 3128 grade cotton newly processed in Cangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Baoding and other places in Hebei Province is about 14500 yuan/ton (gross weight, tax included), down 200 yuan/ton compared to this Monday. In 2021, the “Double 28″ spot price of Xinjiang machine picked cotton in Hebei will be 14800-14900 yuan/ton, which will fall below the 15000 yuan/ton mark this week. Compared with the beginning of this week, the base price of Xinjiang machine-made cotton produced in Hengshui in 2021 fell by about 200 yuan/ton. Ginning mills and dealers all over the country have reported that almost no one is interested in cotton recently.

The cottonseed is difficult to sell. The market is valuable but not marketable

On December 1, the heads of many ginning plants in Xingtai, Cangzhou and other places in Hebei Province said that cottonseed was not easy to sell. First, buyers could not be found, and old customers seemed to “lie flat” overnight; Second, the oil mill not only requires the cottonseed to be delivered to the door, but also fails to pay in time. At present, the mainstream price of cottonseed in Cangzhou is 1.82 yuan/jin, down 0.02 yuan/jin compared with yesterday; The mainstream price of cottonseed in Xingtai was 1.84-1.85 yuan/jin, down 0.02 yuan/jin compared with yesterday; The mainstream price of cottonseed in Hengshui was 1.86 yuan/jin, which was flat compared with yesterday. The cottonseed cannot be realized. Ginning plants and dealers are always “hot potatoes” in their hands. The market has seen the phenomenon of selling cottonseed at low prices.

Textile mills leave in advance to wait for the market to improve

In December, most textile factories will put holidays on the agenda. For example, the person in charge of a textile enterprise in Baoding said that it was planned to officially enter the holiday on the 5th of this month, but it was not clear when to start work. Why do enterprises take holidays in advance? The enterprise said that first, the spinning lost money, and the more spinning, the more serious the loss; Second, the inventory cannot be sold off, cannot be realized in time, and workers’ wages and other financial expenses cannot be cashed in. Towards the end of the year, enterprises were forced to take a holiday in advance to wait for the market to improve.

Post time: Dec-05-2022